How to compare the bookmark htmls

  • run program
  • click left '...' button to open left pane html bookmark file
  • click right '...' button to open right pane html bookmark file
  • click Comparison -> Folder Compare (v2.0.2) or Tools -> Folder Compare (v2.1)
  • Results are being noted in cells with Red, Grey and White background color
  • Status bars note the result

Understanding the result

The comparison between left and right panes is not symmetrical. The program compares the left to the right file only. Only the differences of the left file will be shown and highlighted. Not the other way around.

So the left pane cell background will always be red or grey, red if no equivalent bookmark (in same folder structure) has been found in the right pane or grey if it has found an equivalent bookmark in the right pane.

The right pane cell background will always be grey or white, grey if the bookmark is referenced as an equivalent bookmark to a left pane bookmark or white if there is no reference from a bookmark in the left pane.

Finally if all left bookmarks have equivalents in the right pane and both panes have the same total amount of bookmarks, folders and separators then the are noted as identical (v2.0.2).


Let's say the left file has 10 bookmarks and the right file has the same 10 bookmarks (in the same folder structure) plus some unique bookmarks then the comparison will show 0 different bookmarks and all cells in the left will be grey. In the right the 10 common will be grey but the unique ones will be white.

If you reverse the panes (left<->right) then 10 different bookmarks will be shown now in the report, in the left pane the unique will be marked with red background and the common with grey. In the right pane all bookmarks would be noted with grey background.